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Motivate, Perform & Retain

It is important for Protegic team members to understand that everyone at Protegic has the support, empathy and backing of everyone in the team and the business. Our attitude and practice is around a culture that understands, develops and has fun.

Protegic is transforming the way businesses operate through our Total Project Management  services. Our commitment is to our people. As a people-centric business we demand intelligence, enthusiasm, loyalty, professionalism, friendliness, team players, quality delivery and strategic brilliance. To foster this environment we provide our team with the following programs.

Training and Development

Due to the nature of the consulting world it is impossible to provide and deliver on individual training and development programs. At Protegic we put the onus on you to approach us with your training and development needs. Through your role, you will have the opportunity to identify specific skills that will improve your ability to do your job.

There is every reason for us to develop your skills and train you if it will positively impact your performance and quality of work. We support our team to continue to be the best consultants in a competitive landscape.”

  • Technology and industry related Insight Session
  • Industry recognised Training and Certification
  • Performance Reviews and Goals

Reward and Recognition

Everyone loves to be rewarded for working hard and delivering quality work. Everyone also loves to be recognised amongst their peers and competitors for outstanding performances.

At Protegic, we leave it up to your peers to nominate you for our COG Excellence Award. This is an achievement that is awarded every 6 months to a Protegic team member for their outstanding contribution to the growth of the business.

This is the highest and most prestigious award at Protegic as it comes from the team, for the team.”

  • COG Excellence Awards
  • $2000 weekend holiday for you and your family for a successful lead referral and placement of a Protegic consultant in new opportunity

Talent Connect

It is critically important to remain in contact and be part of the Protegic family. We see it all the time when consultants are on assignment just how easy it is to become engrained in the culture of the client. Whilst we encourage socialising and engagement with the staff and client culture, we like our consultants to remember that their real allegiance lies with Protegic.

We have put in place a number of communication strategies and plans that enable us to remain connected with our extended family, whatever assignment you are on anywhere in the world including;

  • Regular team social events
  • Quarterly Global Company Updates
  • CEO 1-on-1 Meetings
  • Mentoring and Buddy Initiatives
  • Onboarding & Offboarding Processes

You are not just a number in this organisation – you are a consultant and part of the Protegic family where your career is important to us.

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