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Program/Project Management Office (PMO)

A Program/Project Management Office can redefine “success” as “projects that deliver business value”. This gives our clients satisfaction and business value and an optimised set of project process deliverables.

A Project Management Office (PMO) maintains consistent, best practice project management standards within your business. A well-managed PMO will identify challenges before they become significant problems, and then address them using good project governance, performance, resource and portfolio management practices to improve the value of program and project delivery.

What we do

Do you have difficulties in ensuring consistent standards and reporting across your entire project pipeline?

Protegic provide high quality project and PMO solutions and outcomes ensuring that your portfolio of projects is delivered using best practice program and project management tools, templates and procedures (‘Set-up and assurance).

Case Study:

The Panama Canal is a great example of where a solid PMO was needed!

PanamaCanalThe Panama Canal unites the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans at one of the narrowest points. This shortcut is just 80kms long but through it transits 14,000 vessels carrying nearly 280 million tonnes of trade goods each year.

The Canal is a marvel of engineering, but its construction had to overcome many difficulties resulting from poor design, severe financial problems and generally poor program and project management.

Strategic Project Management Solutions

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