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Project Health Check

Faster and efficient program and project delivery for quicker business returns

Before small problems become large ones, do you understand how your projects are really tracking against their cost, quality and schedule objectives?

Projects that fail, or only partially deliver on their financial and commercial objectives, are expensive and wasteful applications of your business’s time and resources and will undoubtedly adversely affect the bottom line to a greater or lesser degree.

Our Project Health Check will quickly provide you with an independent snapshot of a project’s progress against your plan, at a chosen time. It will identify what has been successfully delivered, as well as exposing where your project’s performance may be at risk.

What is a Project Health Check?

A Project Health Check analyses the essential components of your project to determine how healthy it is tracking towards its stated objectives.  It is an independent and non-threatening assessment. The deliverable is an objective assessment of your project’s current status and its prospects of achieving the desired business outcomes.

How we help you

We conduct an impartial assessment of your project’s status and future prospects at a defined point in the project lifecycle. Our Project Health Check will inform the business of gaps in your project’s performance against stated objectives and provide recommendations for a clear and actionable way forward with:

  • An evaluation of your project’s progress at a chosen time
  • An independent, best practice appraisal of the process
  • An assessment of future risks and issues

Our Project Health Check is a recommended, cost-effective and independent snapshot of your key business projects at a defined point in its lifecycle.

Through strategic project management, our Project Health Check introduces our experienced project management consultants to your business on a short-term basis to undertake an independent, timely and objective analysis of your project.

Our Process

Our activity is focused on identifying whether or not your project is tracking to expectations at a chosen point and whether it is meeting business objectives.
Your decision makers may be:

  • Concerned or uncertain about timelines, budget and general progress
  • Unconcerned in general, but seeking independent review as best practice
  • Uncertain that the project objective will be realised
  • Concerned about resources
  • Concerned about possible conflict with your business strategy
  • Wanting to see more transparency with the project

Our Project Health Check addresses all of these issues, providing a competitive edge. The outcome is a tailored presentation on the ‘health’ of your project, analysed and evaluated by Protegic’s experienced and independent team of project management consultants.

This will address the:

  • high level assessment of the area/s most at risk
  • recommendations for short, medium and long-term improvements
  • approach and related timeline/s
  • ‘Quality assurance on demand’

Case Study:

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a great example where a Project health Check was needed!

pisaThe Leaning Tower of Pisa is known around the world for its famous tilt. Although it was designed to be perfectly vertical being only 55.86 meters tall it is the smallest “tower” to achieve worldwide recognition. It started to lean during the early stages of construction commencing in the year 1173, weighing 14,500 tonnes. No wonder the clay foundation could not handle the massive weight!

Europe’s most famous monument was the result of a slight miscalculation and although many factors have contributed to the lean, the decision of where to build the tower resulted in the original tilt.

The tower took over 800 years to completely finish with construction halted for 100 years! During this time, engineers hoped that the clay beneath the tower would settle and harden enough to permit further construction!

Today, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is more than five metres off perpendicular, although architects, engineers and even dentists have tried to correct it after construction

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