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Capacity on Demand

Extending and enhancing your capability for project delivery

Many businesses find themselves challenged when meeting a range of project delivery objectives from their existing business resources. Projects place significant demands on business units that are already operating at or near capacity.

Do you have difficulties engaging and disengaging the right resources at the right time to achieve your project objectives with the greatest possible efficiency? Capacity on Demand© provides the most cost effective, lowest risk, highest quality project management solution to resource constraints.

What is Capacity on Demand?

Our Capacity on Demand© is a smart project management resource service that will provide you with faster access to the right expert project management consultants, when and where you need them.

We deliver Capacity on Demand© through better strategic planning, in partnership with you, to identify and pre-empt potential project management resourcing bottlenecks, as well as to provide an effective and rapid response to unforeseen problems.

How we help you

Our Capacity on Demand service optimises the flow of skilled resources to support your  program or project delivery management by reducing down-time, fixing problems faster and generating a better return on your project investment.

Protegic’s Capacity on Demand© service provides the right amount of additional skilled and experienced resources just-in-time, resources that can be scaled up or down as required.

Capacity on Demand© will help you ensure business continuity and minimise risk to quality and schedule that can occur through having key activities under-resourced or un-resourced.

Our Process

Capacity on Demand© will provide your business access to appropriate resources to:
  • Analyse and advise on existing processes
  • Undertake key project delivery roles
  • Run project management workshops
  • Provide project governance
  • Ensure best practice in all areas of your project delivery management
Capacity on Demand© resources are engaged only for the period they are required ensuring your business benefits from:
  • Business continuity
  • Faster project delivery management
  • Faster investment return
  • Smart project resource management

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