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Supporting Continuous Improvement In Delivery

Program, Project & Portfolio Delivery

Protegic believe that the most significant success factor in the delivery of all programs and projects is in having the right resource with the right behaviours for the culture of the organisation to which the project is being delivered. This being supported by extensive knowledge and experience of successful delivery at all levels.

Protegic can offer businesses unrivalled support:

  • Across a broad spectrum of business sectors
  • Covering diverse technologies
  • On the global landscape

Project Assurance

Project Assurance is a valuable tool not only to assess how well an inflight project is progressing but also to ensure that a new project or project manager is set-up for success.  The assurance is undertaken utilising a well-defined framework which is aligned to international maturity assessment standards (CMMI).

However, it is also important that the evaluator is sufficiently experienced in order to apply a pragmatic approach and further be able to provide guidance on any remedial actions.
Consideration must be given to:

  • Tailoring the assurance to the individual organisation
  • Ensuring an evidence based approach
  • Workshop vs. 1-2-1 approach
  • Identifying the right stakeholders to engage

Talent Management

Protegic works hard to understand and assist our global network customers, which range from boutique businesses through to global organisations and government departments, by having access to the right resources for the culture of the organisation. Protegic offers:

  • Capacity On Demand© service provision
  • Ability to quickly source quality project talent across Australia and Asia
  • Recruitment of skilled and experienced project managers
  • Contractor and permanent employee recruitment for Protegic
  • The opportunity to extend an individual’s career goal by building on their strengths and passions

Strategic Project Management Solutions

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